god was another enemy the friendship recently faced and were famous for defeating !

god appeared when a transdimensional portal to the christian dimension opened ! he then later told the friendship that he would be sending some of their species's greatest heroes to fight them ! but god 1st sent down father garrison to offer them the final rights ! the friendship killed him then god sent down the heroes ! the friendship fought all of them off then killed jesus by crucifying him then placing him in a stormy area where he was electrocuted ! after this , god revealed that everything that transpired was all part of his supreme plan : to use the stolen souls of his slave , including that of his child , to creat a creature completely capable of crushing the friendship once and for all , the super cyborg angel ! the friendship fought the super cyborg angel and beat it , prompting god to come down and fight the friendship himself , which he did , the friendship and every1 on their side fought god with all their might and eventually , he was defeated as the friendship summoned godzilla to tear him apart ! the friendship became legends after beating god !