the friendship is a elite terrorist organization that specializes in ransacking villages , fighting monsters , thwarting alien invasions , fighting the law , and even facing off against big threats to the earth ! they use moden technology , modern weaponry , futuristic technology , futuristic weaponry , and even ancient weaponry ! when not attacking people or fighting enemies , they can usually be seen patrolling each of their headquarters , playing video games , watching tv , and partying ! like superman , they seem to enjoy their superhuman powers , getting their way with just about every1 they come across ! however , they are not without enemies ! alot of people are out to get them , such as the justice squad , a super hero group who can't stand their antics , the destructos , former friendship soldiers who betrayed the friendship , and were killed and rebuilt into robots , and even extraterrestrial forces , such as the zorgons who tried to seize control of their facilitys , the zetorians , who tried to destroy them so they could conquer earth , or most recently , the krillars , who tried to take over the earth , but were thwarted by the friendship , afterwhich the friendship were no longer considered a threat and were viewed as heroes ! they also befriended godzilla himself , who tried to destroy them , but later joined forces with them after they destroyed him and he respected them as powerful opponents ! the friendship was formed in the early 1930s and have lasted a real long time ! the friendship also controls slaves

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