Zuro Destructo
Some attributes
First has a robotic arm shaped like a wrench
Second has the ability to extend his arm and grab far away opponents , also has the ability to shoot lasers from his arm
Third seeks to destroy the friendship once and for all
Other attributes
Zuro destructo , formerly known as admiral zuro , is a violent robot hell-bent on destroying the friendship as revenge for killing him after he tried to take out The Supreme Leader as revenge for demoting him ! he built several robots to assist him in accomplishing this task , 2 of the robots were built from the corpses of 2 former friendship soldiers ! he and the other destructos assisted the friendship in the battle against God and later he assisted them in the battle against the Krillars , wanting himself to be the 1 to destroy The friendship ! although he hates The friendship with a passion , he'll often help them in battling big bads since he wants himself to be the 1 to destroy The friendship ! he soon warms up to The friendship a little , but still wants them dead nonetheless ! whenever he fights The friendship , he always ends up getting his arm ripped off !
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